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My Teaching Philosophy

Voice. Acting. Piano.

       As a teacher I view no two students as the same. They each bring their own unique experiences, backgrounds, and qualities to their lesson and entrust us as an educator to lead them in the right direction.  

       I believe as a teacher I specialize in the flexibility that I bring to each lesson. Each student will find a custom lesson plan that is tailored to their needs. My training lies in a multitude of styles and genres and that versatility has come to benefit both myself and my students.  

        The communication between myself and my students is always a two-way street. The student needs to synthesize what they are feeling and have the tool kit to apply those sensations to their performances on-demand. I acknowledge that each student has a different way of learning, whether it be linguistically, visually, auditory, or kinesthetically. 

       Above all else I work to create a safe environment where students can feel as though they can experiment, learn, and grow into their skill. We live in a world where society tells us we must conform to fit in, but as a performer we want nothing more than to stand out. I aim to encourage individuality and creativity and strive to give my students the courage and confidence to find their voice in all aspects of their life.  

Kristin's Credentils

  • Degrees:

    • B.M. Vocal Performance with emphasis in Opera and Musical Theatre- Capital University '16

    • M.M. Vocal Performance- The Longy School of Music of Bard College '20

  • 4+ years of private teaching experience  

    • students ranging 4-60 years old

  • Ability to teach at all levels

  • Proficiency in training multiple styles: Classical, MT, CCM (pop, rock, jazz, blues)

  • Experience leading master class/workshop settings, directing ensembles

    • i.e. duets and trios workshop, a cappella ensemble​, Collegiate Chorale

Voice Lessons
  • Private voice lessons for kids, teens, and adults.

  • Available to teach at all levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

  • Flexible scheduling is available: weekly, biweekly, monthly

  • Repertoire training includes: Classical, Musical Theater, CCM (contemporary commercial music- pop, rock, jazz)

  • Lesson goals: healthy vocal technique, musicianship skills, stage presence, character development, enhancement in diction, range, and breath maintenance.

30 min, 50 min

Acting Lessons
  • Private acting lessons for kids, teens, and adults.

  • Available to teach at all levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

  • Flexible scheduling is available: weekly, biweekly, monthly

  • Character study and analysis work

  • Monologue preparation: comedic and dramatic

  • Lesson goals: Developing character's traits on a conscious and subconscious level, emphasis on mind-body connection and physicality, audition preparation 

30 min, 50 min

Piano Lessons
  • Private piano lessons for kids, teens, and adults.

  • Available to teach beginner-level students.

  • Flexible scheduling is available: weekly, biweekly, monthly

  • Train students through "Faber Piano Adventure" books, among others

  • Lesson goals: appropriate piano posture, musicianship skills, wrist flexibility and fingering patterns, written theory, techniques for phrasing and dynamic contrast, melodic and rhythmic accuracy.

30 min, 50 min


After taking consistent lessons with Kristin for ten months, I've experienced more improvement than I thought was possible. Not only has my sound improved, but I feel more knowledgeable and confident about how my voice works in general.

Where she excels is her ability to communicate and teach vocal techniques in a clear and concise manner.  Every lesson is intentional and meaningful, and I walk away each week knowing exactly what I need to work on and excited for my next lesson.

Despite both of our hectic schedules, Kristin works tirelessly every single week to help me improve. It's not often you find someone who is so hardworking, talented, and with the ability to explain things in such a succinct manner. Kristin is all of these. I can't possibly recommend her more.


Learning from Kristin has been one of the best experiences in my music education. She has been a formative mentor and teacher who has helped me better understand the inner workings of the body-voice connection, performance dynamics that further interpret or re-interpret the storytelling of a song, and best practices for breath support before and while singing.


Kristin always welcomes me and her students into lessons with an energy that never fails to make you smile, and her encouraging feedback is what makes people feel welcome to sing. It has been a true honor to be a student of hers both in individual lessons and in group settings, and any student looking to strengthen their vocal health and dynamics would be lucky to have Kristin as their teacher!

  Michael W, voice student

Nina A, voice student

About Virtual Lessons

Beginning in March 2020 I was required to switch my entire studio platform over to virtual lessons due to COVID-19. With the help of Zoom I have been able to maintain a constant weekly schedule that still facilitates growth in both technique and performance practice. Each lesson is curated with live warmups that enhances the student's auditory skills.

Chosen repertoire/materials for each lesson will be matched with appropriate tracks that the student will have access to practice with both during and outside of the lesson time. I have found the virtual interface to be both engaging and enlightening and a much-needed source of human interaction during a time that has limited those capabilities.


Interested in a trial lesson? 


Image of voice student, Maddie M

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